Cruise ReStart

The Cruise industry is planning its safe return to business and we are in a position to support your port on your journey to a safe cruise ReStart. The key to a successful ReStart is to involve the right people from the port and from the key stakeholders in the process.  Five Senses Consulting has been involved in the development of the Greek Health protocols for ports and is actively assisting in the ReStart of Cruises in the Country. As a result we have developed and implemented a number of Emergency Covid19 Plans for many destinations/ports and we are actively advising ports all over the world on the procedures and processes they need to follow in high and detailed level in order to be able to ReStart the business. Also, Mr. Bras was commisioned and participated in the working group of EU Healthy Gateways in the development of the Cruise ReStart Process Maps  (CRPM's).

Please contact us with your requirements and let us guide you in the Cruise ReStart process.

Cruise ReStart process


Our Company was extensive experience on the processes, procedures and measures a port has to develop and follow in order to be ready and welcome back cruise ships.

As a first step a high Stakeholders presentation and discussion will be organized about the Cruise ReStart process and what is needed in order for the port/destination to be ready for the next season. Next, a similar in-port process will take place with all the port department and operational external stakeholders’ heads where all the aspects of the restart process will be discussed in detail and work packages for the development of the SOP's will be allocated together with the decision about the port’s capacity.  

The situation is dynamic but in any case the ‘’SPECIAL ACTION PLAN FOR SINGLE OR MULTIPLE POSSIBLE CASES OF SARS COVID19 ON CRUISE SHIP IN PORT’’ depending on the category of operation, must be prepared and agreed in coordination with the local Healthcare Heads, Ambulance Services, Local Police etc.

Next a comprehensive communication plan must be prepared to cover the communication between the port and the health authorities, the port and the cruise ship and the ports in the Itinerary.

Finnaly, if there is  the need we will travel on site before the ReStart to assess all the measures and processes developed and implemented.

Watch the Seatrade Virtual 2020 session on Cruise Destination Restart 101 

Cruise Destination ReStart webinar

The latest addition to our knowledge portofolio is that of the COVID inspector for Cruise Ships and Ports