Destination Development

At Five Senses Consulting, we excel in developing and executing innovative circular promotional Digital Destination Marketing Campaigns. Our #DiscoverX concept reverses the usual outbound tourism strategies, focusing on in-destination actions that target foreign visitors.

This innovative approach involves a two-phase project. The first phase includes a 4-5 day visit to the destination, where digital content is created and shared on social media, reaching millions. The second phase extends for a year, boosting the campaign’s digital footprint and engagement.

Our campaigns are designed to immerse influencers in the authentic experiences of the destination, engaging all five senses through local cuisine, hidden spots, and genuine cultural interactions. This method not only increases the destination's online presence but also creates lasting impressions.

A prime example is the #DiscoverSyros project, which achieved 175,000,000 impressions and influenced over 25,000,000 people globally. This project won the Gold Award in the Destination Development category of the 2018 Greek Tourism Awards, highlighting our team's success in creating impactful, measurable results.