Five Senses Cruise Stories:  Let's embark on an unparalleled sensory journey across the seas. As your host I'm excited to take you behind the scenes of the cruise world, showcasing  incredible stories,  experiences and magnificent companies, people and more...

In the first episode, we showcase the incredible experiences that await the passengers with the new program of Celestyal Cruises in Qatar 

Episode Two: Mykonos Smart Signs: Elevating Cruise Experience through Innovation. This is an innovative, holistic approach to the tourism experience. 

''Wins Around the World'' is a series of casual conversations within Seatrade Cruise Talks

Season Two is all about cruises. Cruise Executives discuss about Cruise Development, Best Practices, give good advice and share a cruise story with us.

Season 2, Episode 1:  Aleksander Bieniek - Vice President Marine Operations, Star Clippers

Season 2, Episode 3:  Emilio R Freeman - Vice President, Itineraries & Destinations, Seadream Yacht Club

Season 2, Episode 5: Live from Seatrade Med 2022 -  Natalie Allaby, Cruise Development Manager, Port Saint John, Dickson Chin , Managing Director, Wallem Ship Agency, Dona Regis-Prosper, General Manager, Antigua Cruise Port & Craig Upshall  Head of Cruise, Qatar Tourism

Season 2, Episode 2:  Elisabetta De Nardo, Vice President of Port Devlopment, MSC Cruises

Season 2, Episode 4:  Alessandro Carollo -Director Gvt. Relations, Royal Caribbean Cruise Line

 Season One episodes focus on different ports and destinations globally and their successful effort to safe resumption of cruising, how cruising is helping the local economies and what the future holds for each port/destination.

Episode 1: Cruise Maine USA - Cruise Orkney UK - Rhodes island Greece

Episode 2: Port St. Maarten - Cruise Gate Hambourg - Qatar - Valletta Port

  Episode 3: Port Everglades - Portsmouth - Belize 

Episode 4: Roma Cruise Terminal - Galata Port - Mykonos

Seatrade Talks: Inside the Life of Ioannnis Bras
Seatrade Cruise Global Destination Ambassador

Watch our free webinar for Cruise ReStart and learn about the latest developments and what a port needs to do in order to be ready for the ReStart.

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We will be more than happy to discuss your individual needs and tailor a support program that will bring you to the next level of Cruise Development.

In episode one we are giving the essential low-down on how destinations can make it in the world of cruise. We discuss about itinerary planning, port presentations and branding through local myths and stories.

Special Guest speaker is Timothy Littley from Seabourn Cruise Line, presenting in a unique discussion what are the criteria used for selecting a cruise destination and how destinations can influence the itinerary planning decision making process.

Cruise Developmet for Destinations Part 1

In episode two, learn how to prepare a three year cruise strategy and how to create a cruise marketing plan. Next, listen to how to prepare a port presentation and the Shore Excursions Destination Excursion Book. Finally get pointers to ace your B2B meetings with the cruise executives.

In this session learn from our guest speaker Ugo Savino from Carnival Cruise Line how you can impress him as Director of Deployment & Itinerary Planning.

Cruise Development for Destinations Part 2

In episode three, you'll learn about the importance of a port web site and social media, how to create an effective exhibition booth and why it is important to develop your story and use the local myths form the characteristics of your destination. Next, see examples of visitor experience enhancement projects and understand the importance of using technology to enhance your messages.

In this session’s curated conversation, watch our guest speaker Arnaldo Zanonato from SilverSea Cruises, as he discusses some of the destinations that stand out to him. Learn what these destinations have done to innovate, and most importantly, go above and beyond for their guests.

Cruise Development for Destinations Part 3

In episode four, we discuss about SWOT Analysis for a Port & Destination, Port and destination performance evaluation and setting KPI's, using Secret Shoppers to improve the guest experience and examples of port improvement projects for increasing visibility to the character of your destination.

Chris Martin, Director, from Holland America Group, discusses how to make your port attractive to a line, particularly if they have various vessels' classes and sizes.

Cruise Development for Destinations Part 4


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