Ioannis Bras, CEO

Ioannis, started his career in the U.K., after his degree as a Structural Engineer and MSc in Project. Through different positions of responsibility, like PFI projects and Risk Management in the closure of nuclear reactors, he gained extensive knowledge and experience in the Project Management sector. He has also worked in the development of commercial & real estate projects, the development of Shopping Centers, Project Management Services and the Development of new projects.

From 2010 and for 6 years, he was the head of Heraklion Port Authority S.A., and he was also the Vice-chairman of Hellenic Ports Association. His prime focus was the strategic planning and development of the port and destination, emphasizing the Cruise Business and the promotion of relationships with all stakeholders. Results of these efforts, among other things, are the 24 National and International awards he has won and his recognition as a Seatrade Ports/Destinations Ambassador.

He is the Founder and CEO of Five Senses Consulting & Development, a boutique consulting company that specializes in Cruise Development for Ports and destinations and Digital Destination Marketing projects. His business model for Cruise Development Five Senses© develops appropriate actions and gives the highest measurable results for visitor satisfaction through the activation of the Gastronomical, Historical and Cultural parameters of the destination. His new Audit system for passenger experience identifies all areas for improvement. With a detailed special report new projects are being proposed to increase the awareness and experience of the passengers.

Vanna Anninou, Performance Analyst

Vanna began her career in 1993 teaching English and to date over 500 students have perfected their knowledge in the English language.                       

Subsequently, applying the principle of continuous training and improvement, she attended a two-year education program in the field of aviation studies and travel agency where she obtained the IATA title that allowed to work as a tourism specialist applying innovative marketing and sales techniques. She has also worked as a flight attendant for Monarch Airlines where she was a cabin crew officer and participated in the company's training programs dealing with sales, first aid and customer service.

In 2002 she worked as a Front Desk Manager with a phone and internet service provider where he was responsible for overseeing retail customer service and performance metrics as well as implementing customer experience improvement actions.

Since 2018 she is part of the at Five Senses team with primary responsibility the measurement of the performance at the company's cruise destinations and also for data analysis for the company's Undercover Port Inspection Service.

George Giannakis, Cruise Development Associate

George graduated from the Aegean University Department of Shipping Trade and Transport. His inclination in shipping led him to attend an additional diploma program majoring in Logistics and International Transportation. His ultimate goal is to be an expert in research and development.

He has been active in the fields of shipping and cruise, with a focus on SWOT and trend Analysis and Nautical Port Evaluations. He is also responsible for the development of the Cruise Excursions Books and is part of the Undercover Port Inspection Team.

Panagiotis Petridis

Panagiotis is a graduate of the University of Piraeus' Department of Shipping.
His role includes Benchmark Studies, Trend Analysis, Creating Cruise Analysis Chart Reports and  Conducting Destination Performance Measurement exercises.